Positive Attitude = Positive Culture

What you and your team can expect to learn at Nedac Institute is how an employee's behavior with a guest and/ or fellow employees can affect your business. How to have confidence in achieving all goals set with a positive attitude. How to create a genuinely loving environment and being able to recognize and deliver the correct message. How verbal and non-verbal communication is the foundation for the type of culture you will have associated with your company and brand.

What will your employees learn in this program?

Mission Statement:

Nedac Institute instructs how to live life with a smile by going Above and Beyond

Nedac Institute Objectives are to increase:

  • Communication
  • Positivity
  • Minimizing mistakes (the process of striving for perfection)
  • Being proactive VS being reactive
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Self Value
  • Great Guest Service – A new outlook on customer service
  • Understanding the difference between being Good VS GREAT!
  • The ability to "Think Outside the Box"
  • No Excuses
  • Pay attention to the details
  • Whatever you do is Worth Doing Well
  • Empathizing

When you leave Nedac Institute, your road to Success has been paved!