Since 1993

Inspiring to go Above and Beyond

Nedac Institute is a training program inspired by Dr. Randy Hamilton, whose vision was to create a Pediatric Dental office with the ultimate guest service, never seen before in the dental or medical field.

What transpired was the creation of a training program developed by his father, Randy Hamilton, and is based off his 47 years of experience working in the professional world and his lifelong appreciation for the professionalism displayed by the Walt Disney Company/Brand. So much so that he has had extensive training himself from the Disney Institute, from which the Nedac Institute concept was born.

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Since 1993

Outstanding Professional Culture

When we think of a successful business we automatically assume they have an outstanding professional culture. An example of a company that is known for excelling in professionalism is Disney. It is not the brand name, the length of life the business has existed, or even the location it's established in that makes the culture stand out. The #1 important aspect of culture is summed up in one thing: the people that make the business.

The goal of Nedac Institute is to assist companies that provide a service, on enhancing their employees skills to improve the service of current and future patients/ customers/ guests. This includes but is not limited to: medical, dental, sales/retail, call centers, all aspects of business from privately owned to Fortune 500 companies.

Since 1993

What to Expect

What you and your team can expect to learn at Nedac Institute is how an employee's behavior with a guest and/ or fellow employees can affect your business.

Your Staff will learn how to have confidence in achieving all goals set with a positive attitude. How to create a genuinely loving environment and being able to recognize and deliver the correct message. How verbal and non-verbal communication is the foundation for the type of culture you will have associated with your company and brand.

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Next Steps...

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